[GRASS-user] r.in.wms2: should this work on GRASS 6.4.3RC3?

nik at nikosalexandris.net nik at nikosalexandris.net
Tue Jul 2 00:48:11 PDT 2013


> >> Is the original r.in.wms also not working for you, or did
> >> you just want to try out the new & improved version?


> > Unfortunately I cannot get it to work. For example, attempting
> > to connect to the following URL gives the following error on
> > attempting to connect:

> > http://neowms.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/wms/wms?

> > Traceback (most recent call last):
> >   File
> > "/usr/lib/grass64/etc/wxpython/modules/ogc_services.py",
> > line 196, in OnConnect

> > if 'style' not in layers[lastLayer]:
> > KeyError
> > ''
> > I tested the URL in QGIS and the server is active.

Hamish wrote:
> that's an error in the 6.4 wxGUI front-end. Can you try to build
> the latest 6.4.3svn from source and see if it still breaks?
> (the old version did not gracefully handle the `xml2` parser
> program being missing, but now it tells you about it in an error
> message instead of failing with the traceback)

The command below (in GRASS 6.4.3svn, Revision: 50937) responds:

WARNING: The 'xml2' program was not found. Proceeding with internal XML
         parsing which may not be as reliable.

> But I'm wondering if the r.in.wms(.sh) shell script that comes
> default with GRASS 6.4.svn is working for you or not. It works
> for me from the 6.4 command line (nicer with xml2 installed),
>   r.in.wms -l maps="http://neowms.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/wms/wms?" out=dummy

See above -- Can't find which is package to be installed in openSUSE 12.3 yet.


> note you'll get an error message at the start since their server
> doesn't support http POST, but it automatically fails-over to the
> GET method and tries again. you could use the -g flag for that:
>   -g   Use GET method instead of POST data method
>         This may be needed to connect to servers which lack POST capability
> and avoid the warning/save one second or two.
> and/or install `xml2` and the GUI version should start working.

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