[GRASS-user] m.nviz.image: Inconsistant number of attributes

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Wed Jul 10 05:31:12 PDT 2013

Hello all:
I'm working on a flood inundation presentation. I need to show a 3D 
representation of an ortho-photo image with the predicted flood area 
draped over the ortho-photo.
When I first run:

m.nviz.image --o elevation_map=dtm color_map=ortho_eilat 
resolution_fine=2 height=1000 perspective=20 position=0.6,0.95 
output=dtmp zexag=4
I get:
ERROR: Inconsistent number of attributes (<vpoint> 0: <vpoint_position> 3)

so I specified both:
      vpoint_position="" vpoint_layer=""

Now I get a nice looking 3D of the ortho-photo. But when I try to add 
another raster, i.e.:

no matter what combination of additional parameters I try, I always get:

ERROR: Inconsistent number of attributes (<elevation_map/elevation_value>
        1: <color_map> 2, <color> 0)

Any tips on how this should be specified??

Micha Silver
GIS Consulting

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