[GRASS-user] Fill area between isolines?

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at gmx-topmail.de
Wed Jul 10 08:02:00 PDT 2013

hello Marcus and others,
just wanna give feedback and say thanks:

> > How can I create an area that fills the area between these lines and to
> > which the same value as the last adjacent line is attached (all points
> > from one line to the other have the same cost factor)?
> You could try to
> 1. set the region, e.g. with g.region vect=name_of_isolines_vector
> res=1 -a (adjust resolution to your needs)
> 2. convert isolines to raster
> 3. r.grow.distance value=name_of_filled_areas

This procedure works well.

The most important step 
(as nearly everytime working with GRASS)
was the g.region settings.

I always have problems knowing my exact resolution
 for the target region "res=1 -a YY".

But using a raster map with similar extend and under the same mapset worked well.

Thanks for your hint. A feature this command seems to me very hidden, though.

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