[GRASS-user] interactive r.edit of rasters?

Chris Nicholas chrisgnicholas at att.net
Mon Jul 22 15:26:20 PDT 2013

just wondering, are there any basic tools for interactively editing rasters, (not just the categories) ?

the outputs of the Lidar and other terrain surfaces often have surface "pops", etc, and it would be *really* nice to have just a few basic, interactive tools to go in and locally/interactively "smooth" things, etc in the same way one can use vector tools to individually fix polygons, etc.

not asking for a full Photoshop or a GIMP, but something well integated such that one could make a change, then look at it in NVIZ, etc ...

I guess one could get psyched with the raster library ... :-/  ?

suggestions, etc welcomed....thanks!!

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