[GRASS-user] unexpected i.pansharpen results

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Sat Jul 27 05:49:09 PDT 2013

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Eric Goddard wrote:
> Alright, I'm at home on my linux box running grass7, still with the same
> issue. I converted the inputs for my test area to float:
> r.mapcalc "ik_c1r2_f.4 = float(ik_c1r2_mss.4 at PERMANENT)"
> r.mapcalc "ik_c1r2_f.3 = float(ik_c1r2_mss.3 at PERMANENT)"
> r.mapcalc "ik_c1r2_f.2 = float(ik_c1r2_mss.2 at PERMANENT)"
> r.mapcalc "ik_c1r2_f.p = float(ik_c1r2_pan at PERMANENT)"
> and set the color table to grey for each one. (I also remembered to change
> region to reflect the higher resolution of the pan image). I then ran
> i.pansharpen:
> i.pansharpen sharpen=ihs ms3=ik_c1r2_f.4 at PERMANENT
> ms2=ik_c1r2_f.3 at PERMANENTms1=ik_c1r2_f.2 at PERMANENTpan=ik_c1r2_f.p at PERMANENTo
> utput_prefix=ik_ihs_f
> running r.info on the output bands from i.pansharpen shows that their range
> is still 0-38.
> The output image is attached.
> Also, there is one small bug in the output. Line 330: grass.message(_("To
> visualize output, run: g.region -p rast=%s.red" % out)) -- the %s.red
> should be %s_red.
> I've tried using the PCA algorithm and the output looks the same, though
> the range is different. Later on I'll try with different imagery and see
> what happens...

Is this still an issue?  I get akward outputs using i.pansharpen on IKONOS 


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