[GRASS-user] NDVI analyses with Landsat 8

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Mon Jul 29 05:46:58 PDT 2013

Huub Munstege wrote:


> But as you already noticed the bands and ranges have changed under Landsat
> 8. Various combinations of bands (4,5 and 8) give a result that is at best
> not so clear cut as the analysis done with L-7. The "bluntly subtraction
> with 0.12" is based on on a quick scan of the obtained result. Areas
> without vegetation in our project area should give values in the range
> between -0.05 - 0. The result of the combination of the 5 and 4 bands in
> the above formula gives values that are aprroximately 0.12 higher.
> Therefore the blunt and in-elegant subtraction which is definitely wrong.
> But it gives us for the time being a better deistinction between cultivated
> irrigation schemes and their surroundings. Maybe I am simply too impatient
> and too eager to work with the new fresh data from L-8. Undoubtedly soon,
> Grass and the other software will incorporate specific modules that will be
> tailored to the L-8 sensors.

Dear Huub,

did you eventually progress regarding the VI from L8 images?  Any findings you 
could share?

Thanks, Nikos

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