[GRASS-user] Possible to switch off permissions check of mapsets?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 31 19:59:56 PDT 2013

>>>  ERROR: MAPSET PERMANENT - permission denied
>>>  Any solution to this would be much appreciated.

>>  In any of the current SVN versions,
>> setting the environment variable  GRASS_SKIP_MAPSET_OWNER_CHECK
>> to any non-empty string will suppress  the check.

(that also includes 6.4.3-final by the way)

> Yes, but what for the people who wanna rely on the precompiled packages?
> And this could be a switch in the .grassrc or elsewhere.

it still works at run time. you can make it locally permanent on a
single user setup with:

echo "export GRASS_SKIP_MAPSET_OWNER_CHECK=true" >> ~/.grass.bashrc

As with anything else, be sure to extra take care when disabling
safety mechanisms.


ps- the build-time compiler flag version is "-DSKIP_MAPSET_OWN_CHK"

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