[GRASS-user] Query: number of 'areas' reported in v.build output does not necessarily represent different geographical areas

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Wed May 8 02:42:45 PDT 2013

Le mercredi 08 mai 2013 à 02:22 -0700, Hamish a écrit :
> Richard wrote:no doubt others here will have the magic v.clean or otherwise
> recipe to clean it up.


I frequently have to work with damaged shapefiles (since my customers
moved from arcinfo workstation to arcgis, they provide me damaged data
layers, can't explain why). The main problem is the one Hamish describes

You can tweak your imported file with various v.clean operations.
Attached is a little script I use to import problematic shapefiles. Fien
tuning the threshold value to your data can give good results. It's a
quick&durty script for my internal use, but the code may help you.


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