[GRASS-user] ERROR: Bytes do not match file size with r.in.bin (but file size is correct!!)

Ludovico Nicotina Ludovico.Nicotina at rms.com
Fri May 10 01:40:58 PDT 2013

Great thanks for your explanations! Looks like the quickest fix is splitting the grid into 2 smaller ones...and wait for the fix. Glad to help in solving pending issues.



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>> G6> r.in.bin -f input=lfs_test.bin output=outputmap bytes=4 \
>>       n=51:05:20.4N s=41:21:50.4N w=5:08:31.2W e=9:33:36E \
>>       r=19450 c=29404 anull=-9999.0
>> WARNING: File Size -2007336096 ... Total Bytes 2287631200
>> ERROR: Bytes do not match file size

Ludovico wrote:
> In my case the problem is not the fortran record markers, indeed the
> files are exactly the size they are supposed to be.

Hi, I just tested, it's still a bug in 6.4.3svn and devbr6.

filed as  https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/1971

It does import ok in GRASS 7; the r.in.bin module is essentially the same, the difference is that GRASS 6's G_ftell() function returns plain integer instead of off_t, and GRASS 7 defines
so the PRI_OFF_T test in gis.h gets set to "lld", but GRASS 6 doesn't so the error message format gets set to "ld".

> PS. Hamish I will probably switch to 6.4.3rc3 anyway, would this
> solve the problem automatically in your opinion?

partly I'm just fishing for testers :), I hope we can commit a fix
for this very soon, but for now you could always build the GRASS 7
development code, import the raster map, and then fall back to the
stable version to work with it.

thanks for reporting it,

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