[GRASS-user] OT: Tips for installing grass in archlinux

Mayeli Sanchez Martinez acciondirecta at ada.org.mx
Tue May 14 15:55:36 PDT 2013

Thanks to all for your work in Arch Linux, I have not so much ways to
colaborate but i could translate to spanish all information, so please,
let me know which text considerate useful for spanish documentation.

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> Hi,
> BTW - I have created a set Arch PKGBUILDs for all GRASS versions 
> recently. They allow to install different GRASS versions at the same 
> time and have most reasonable build options enabled, including those 
> less common in the other GRASS PKGBUILDS available, e.g. netcdf and 
> liblas for GRASS 7, cxx, sqlite.
> I want to avoid pacthing the original GRASS sources as much as possible, 
> but there are a couple of workarounds for the python2/3 issue etc.
> Testing, suggestions, bug reports are very welcome!
> Maciek
> [1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?K=czk&SeB=m
> -- Maciej Sieczka http://www.sieczka.org

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