[GRASS-user] Error in GRASS 7 and r.out.mpeg

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri May 17 05:37:03 PDT 2013

Rainer wrote:
> I am trying to use r.out.mpeg, but I get the error below:

that module is quite old and crusty, or rather the MPEG-1
codec is. You might try for e.g. d.out.file and the WebM
encoding example from the wiki for better results.


IMO we should consider to retire the r.out.mpeg module, maybe
replace it with a script to encode directly to WebM &/or a series
of raw frames for another encoder of the users' choice. (something
simpler to maintain than the ffmpeg in nviz anyway, outsource the
encoder programming--we just provide the individual rendered

> ,----
> | GRASS 7.0.svn (grass):~/.../AlienManagementDrakensberg/sim
> > r.out.mpeg view1="Rubus
> | raster map(s) available in mapset <asmDrak>:
> | raster map(s) available in mapset <asmDrak.2015>:
> | Reading raster map <Rubus_age>...
> | Reading raster map <Rubus_seedsSoil_2015>...
> | ERROR:  Could not open output file!
> | WARNING: mpeg_encode ERROR
> `----
> I have no idea why this error occurs - any suggestions?

do you have write permissions in the current directory?
is there disk space free?
does the g.tempfile module seem to work?

> Self compiled from grass-7.0.svn_src_snapshot_2013_03_23
> under Ubuntu raring.


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