[GRASS-user] How to perform Layer reduction for hyperspectral image cube?

Asefa Areda moybonat2u at gmail.com
Thu May 23 03:14:39 PDT 2013

Dear All:

I want to reduce layers from NOVASOL hyperspectral image cube which has 140
1) How can I perform layer reduction
2) If I want use* i.atcorr *should I process only a single layer  at a time?
3) if 2) is not how do I process all the layers in one go (the txt?
4) Is there any means to include a new sensor outside what is lited in the
''predefined sensor'' e.g., 64: 4th band of ETM+ Landsat 7

Any assistance is appreciated.


Asefa Teferi Areda
MSc student Centre for Geo information and Remote Sensing
Wageningen University
Bornsesteeg1 3c 5
6708GA Wageningen
The Netherlands
E-mail: moybonat2u at gmail.com
Mobile: +31644565064
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