[GRASS-user] r.example

Pedro Mendonça pfmendonca at fc.ul.pt
Fri May 24 02:56:04 PDT 2013

 I'm a newbie to GRASS and would like to do some C programming with its modules.
 I'm having some troubles putting to work just a simple raster example (r.example)!
 I'm on a Debian squeeze machine and installed Quantum GIS with the GRASS plug-in. Nevertheless I installed GRASS (version 6.4.0~rc6+42329-3) via  Synaptic Package Manager because I just want to use GRASS modules.
 I checked where it was installed and the "grass64" is in usr/bin but many functions are in usr/lib/grass64/bin.
 From a terminal window I can call GRASS just by typing "grass". So far so good.

 Then, I looked for a simple example for reading a raster file in C and found out about the r.example (although didn't find it in my local installment). So, I downloaded the GRASS source code version 6.4.3RC3 and unzipped it to a folder placed in my Desktop.

 Now, from a Terminal window, I went to the r.example directory and typed "make". Here is the result:

pedro at PedroHost:~/Desktop/grass-6.4.3RC3/doc/raster/r.example$ make
make: @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/tools/g.echo at EXEEXT@: Command not found
make: @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/tools/g.echo at EXEEXT@: Command not found
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/bin. at host@
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/include/grass
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/lib
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/bin
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/etc
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/driver
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/driver/db
mkdir -p @GRASS_HOME@/dist. at host@/fonts
test -d OBJ. at host@ || mkdir -p OBJ. at host@
/bin/sh: CC@: not found
make: *** [OBJ. at host@/main.o] Error 127

Am I doing something wrong, do I need to install anything else or configure something?

Best Regards,
 Pedro Mendonca

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