[GRASS-user] space interpolation of time datasets

Bianca Federici bianca.federici at unige.it
Fri May 24 05:20:01 PDT 2013

Dear all,

I need a suggestion.
I have 180 point dislocated in europe, at which are a value (gps 
tropospheric delay) that vary in time (every 2 hours) for several years.
I want to interpolate between such points to create a raster map for 
each temporal istance (one every 2 hours), and then look at the 
evolution of such parameter in time.
Instead, I do not have to integrate data with different time 
Do you suggest me to use temporal modules in Grass7? and store such 
point data in a temporal db?
or to use the "old" dfb?

Thanks for your time!

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