[GRASS-user] GRASS Android apps

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 13 03:26:23 PST 2013


I recently added a new page on the wiki regarding GRASS + Android.


please feel free to add ideas, suggestions, and wishes to it.

For now I'm mostly just thinking about reference manuals and ebooks,
for when you are in the field on a laptop without much screen space
for lots of help pages.


Calibre seems good for going from HTML to ePub and Mobi, and probably
PDF too.  PDF->eBook is apparently not a pretty thing. HTML actually
seems the preferred starting format, so we should be able to make progress

At first I thought about a single large eBook with volumes within it
for quick intros, module synopsis+menu location, and man pages, but now
I am thinking separate ebooks for each of those topics. Perhaps it
depends on how easy + powerful the TOC structures are in Calibre?

The nice thing about an eBook is that it is more cross platform and so
with a cross-platform program like FBreader or a pdf reader could be used
on iPads, laptops, unrooted mobile devices, workstations, whatever.

but you got to love the instant search features of a native app :), and
there is already some basic template code in github (see manpages link above) so it should be quick to impliment.

I would tend to leave any actual GIS-on-tablet tasks to osgeo projects
which are already written in java, but would love to hear ideas and needs.



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