[GRASS-user] i.photo.camera is missing

Stefan Kiefer st_kiefer at web.de
Tue Nov 19 22:01:06 PST 2013

my first attempts to work with i.ortho.photo is blocked because the
module i.photo.camera isn't available in my grass installation 6.4.3RC4
(2013) (and there are no predefined cameras). There is no directory
$GIS_BASE/etc/photo. Nevertheless there is a module called
i.photo.camera in the $GIS_BASE/etc-folder. But when I start it, I see
only console input for i.photo.rectify. In fact there are three
i.photo-modules with the same size and Date in the $GIS_BASE/etc-folder
doing the same obviously.
Has snyone a hint, or is there something I oversee?


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