[GRASS-user] i.photo.camera is missing

Stefan Kiefer st_kiefer at web.de
Sun Nov 24 09:44:48 PST 2013

so far I checked several possibilities to install different revisions of 
Grass 6.4.x (6.4.3 and 6.4.2) under Ubuntu 10.4 through ubuntu synaptic 
package manager either with the default ubuntu repositories as well as 
launchpad ppa. I even did the worst and upgraded to Ubuntu 12.4.! With 
all efforts I experience that there is no described way to generate a 
camera-file for orthorectification. Yet to compile from source was not 
successfull. While configuration the script can not determin the place 
of the tcl-includes (tcl.h exist in /usr/include), and there is no 
possibility to configure the location of tcl.h ...

Anyway, after messing my system with Ubuntu 12.4 I ended up installing 
Linuxmint 15, hoping to find diffenret install sources. Now I have an 
installation 6.4.2 showing the same behaviour as I mentioned in my first 
mail (i.photo.camera exists in $GIS_BASE/etc and can be started with 
/usr/lib/grass64/etc/i.photo.camera, but starts the i.ortho.photo-modul).

Is there anyone working successfully with i.ortho.photo (grass 6.4)? 
Othrwise can I create a camera-file in any different way, maybe even 
with a text-editor (if so is there a specification how the file has to 
be assembled)?

Thanks for you concerns.

Best regards.


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