[GRASS-user] i.maxlik can't read signature from i.class

Cesar Augusto Ramírez Franco caesarivs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 07:47:57 PST 2013

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to do a supervised classification from landsat8 imagery
using i.class and then i.maxlik, but I'm getting an error when running
i.maxlik saying it can't read the signature file.

I tested my procedure on the NC sample dataset and I'm getting the same
error, I'm using Grass 6.4.2 on Debian Wheezy, installed from the debian
repo. Here's the command set:

#Display RGB enhanced map
i.landsat.rgb blue=lsat7_2000_10 green=lsat7_2000_20 red=lsat7_2000_30
d.rgb blue=lsat7_2000_10 green=lsat7_2000_20 red=lsat7_2000_30
#"Real color" map
r.composite red=lsat7_2000_30 green=lsat7_2000_20 blue=lsat7_2000_10
#Group images to process
i.group group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB
#Unsupervised classification
i.cluster group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB sigfile=clustlsat7
classes=20 report=rep_clust_lsat7.txt
i.maxlik group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB sigfile=clustlsat7
 class=lsat7_classes reject=lsat7_classes_rej
#Supervised classification
i.class map=lsat7_2000_RGB group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB
i.maxlik group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB sigfile=classlsat7

Here I get the error in which i.maxlik can't read the signature file
created by i.class (classlsat7) but read the one created by i.cluster

This is what I'm selecting on the i.class monitor, I named it vegetation:
[image: Imagen integrada 1]

And the contents of the classlsat7 signature file are the following:




Am I doing something wrong or is it some kind of bug?

*César Augusto Ramírez Franco*
Laboratorio de Sistemas Complejos Naturales
Escuela de Geociencias
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Medellín
Teléfono: (57-4) 430 9369 - 301 389 5607
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