[GRASS-user] i.maxlik can't read signature from i.class

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Wed Nov 27 05:23:41 PST 2013

Cesar Augusto Ramírez Franco wrote:

> Hello everyone,


> I've been trying to do a supervised classification from landsat8 imagery
> using i.class and then i.maxlik, but I'm getting an error when running
> i.maxlik saying it can't read the signature file.

Just to double-check: verify that your "classes" don't overlay any NULL cells. 
It might be completely irrelevant, I have, though, blurry memories of this 
being a blocker actually (with i.smap at least).

> I tested my procedure on the NC sample dataset and I'm getting the same
> error, I'm using Grass 6.4.2 on Debian Wheezy, installed from the debian
> repo. Here's the command set:

> #Display RGB enhanced map
> i.landsat.rgb blue=lsat7_2000_10 green=lsat7_2000_20 red=lsat7_2000_30
> d.rgb blue=lsat7_2000_10 green=lsat7_2000_20 red=lsat7_2000_30

> #"Real color" map
> r.composite red=lsat7_2000_30 green=lsat7_2000_20 blue=lsat7_2000_10
> output=lsat7_2000_RGB

> #Group images to process
> i.group group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB
> input=lsat7_2000_10,lsat7_2000_20,lsat7_2000_30

> #Unsupervised classification
> i.cluster group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB sigfile=clustlsat7
> classes=20 report=rep_clust_lsat7.txt

(I have never tried to feed a group that uses a single composite. I'll try it 

> i.maxlik group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB sigfile=clustlsat7
>  class=lsat7_classes reject=lsat7_classes_rej

Does the unsupervised classification work?  i.cluster requires at least two 
input raster maps. And, honestly, I have never tried it the way you did, i.e. 
by using a composite map.  Also, r.composite will use by default "32 levels" 
whicih means that you loose important info for the subsequent classification, 
if I am not wrong.

> #Supervised classification
> i.class map=lsat7_2000_RGB group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB
> outsig=classlsat7
> i.maxlik group=lsat7_2000_RGB subgroup=lsat7_2000_RGB sigfile=classlsat7
> class=lsat7_class_sup

> Here I get the error in which i.maxlik can't read the signature file
> created by i.class (classlsat7) but read the one created by i.cluster
> flawlessly
> This is what I'm selecting on the i.class monitor, I named it vegetation:
> [image: Imagen integrada 1]

Only on class?  Can you try with more please?
> And the contents of the classlsat7 signature file are the following:
> #
> #vegetation
> 166 
>> Am I doing something wrong or is it some kind of bug?

Greets, Nikos

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