[GRASS-user] GRASS and Mavericks (OS X 10.9) on Macs

Adam Dershowitz adershowitz at exponent.com
Wed Nov 27 10:11:28 PST 2013

For some reason I had problems getting this to work (not related to GRASS)  So, I hunted around, and it is not obvious, but the command line tools are still available for download from:  https://developer.apple.com/downloads
You need to have an account (free) and login, but then one of the download options is Command Line Tools (OS X Mavericks).

-- Adam

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Subject: [GRASS-user] GRASS and Mavericks (OS X 10.9) on Macs

I upgraded all of my Macs to Mavericks over the past week. GRASS works fine.

GRASS 7 g.extension was having problems on other people’s machines because I failed to package a couple libraries for gettext. I’ve repackaged my 1 November GRASS 7 (Snow Leopard compatible) with these libraries included. This seems to have mostly fixed g.extension problems.

In order for g.extension to correctly compile source code extensions (i.e., in C rather than in Python), anyone upgrading to Mavericks also has to upgrade Xcode and the command line tools. Xcode is a free download from the app store. The command line tools are harder to come by now. AFAICT, there is no longer a link to download and install them from the Apple Developer site. This is weird, but there is a work around.

After install Xcode, open a terminal and enter:

xcode-select --install

You’ll get a dialog that allows you to install Xcode (no need to do that again) or install the command line tools. Click the install button to do that.

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