[GRASS-user] Shape file dbfs field name truncation leads to duplicate filed names on import

jwd jwd at surewest.net
Sun Apr 20 22:12:48 PDT 2014

I've been working at trying bring data from either shapefile or e00
file into GRASS 6.4.3  However some of the layers simply do not
import.  The trouble seems to be that some of the column names in the
shape dbf violate naming limits and result duplicate column names
which cause a failure.  E00 files (same data but different format) also
result in a failure.  As far as I can tell, the cause is the same.  In
some tables the process of importing the data results in duplicate
field names due to truncation.  Switching to the SQLite driver did not
help here.  

The data files are USGS coverages created originally in the '90s. If
anyone has a recommended utility that can handle this problem, please
let me know.


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