[GRASS-user] best practices for managing locations

Tyler Smith tyler at plantarum.ca
Sun Apr 27 09:11:13 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I am looking for advice on how to manage my locations. I have Grass 
installed on my laptop, where I'm the only user. So I use the PERMANENT 
mapset for each location, which seems to be ok.

However, I've got a growing list of locations that is becoming hard to 
manage. Each dataset that I download becomes its own location, and then 
these locations start to get mixed up as I import layers from one 
location to the other, or create new locations to reproject the original 

I also deal with a lot of point location data, which gets imported into 
a lat-long location, then exported out to various other locations. Which 
introduces a new set of transformations to keep track of.

It's all getting to be a bit confusing. I suspect more experienced users 
must have developed useful guidelines for managing their own datasets? I 
hope it's not off-topic to solicit your suggestions here?

Thanks for your time!


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