[GRASS-user] Scatter plot of rasters in Grass

anna zanchetta ciupava at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 00:10:31 PST 2014

dear Grass community,

I've been looking around in the internet and can't find a solution yet:
dealing with remote sensing, I want to do a scatter plot of two or more
bands, let's say they could be any raster for which you would like so see
what's the correlation among them.
I've used frequently this tool in other software in the past, so I've found
out that the Interactive scatter plot tool by Stepan is available in Grass
7, but:
1. I don't have 7 installed and I'm not sure I know how to (could try
though), and
2. my final purpose is, after that, to perform some PCA or another type of
axes transformation (kind of Tasselled Cap) on those original bands. So
actually I need to work on the data, not just to visualize them.

In the last couple of days I've tried to to do this in R, which I'm not
expert of (yet!), and this just opened more questions. Like: better to use
R from Grass, or Grass from R?
Second: the processing of great rasters seems really time consuming, so
maybe I'm getting mistaken somewhere... and didn't arrive to visualize the
scatter plot yet.
I've gone through the grasswiki page on R-statistics several times already,
but I probably need a kind of tutorial or other material available on the

Any help/advice in this issue would be appreciated!


NB: I'm using Grass 6.4.3 on Xubuntu.
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