[GRASS-user] How to import R-generated .gri/.grd raster files in grass ?

Antonello Lobianco antonello at lobianco.org
Wed Feb 19 05:50:32 PST 2014

I received some data in .grd + .gri format, where the first one is a small
text file and the second one (having the same name) is a medium/large
binary file.

I am unable to open them in grass/qgis (I may have not tried all the
options.. but almost all!).

Any hint ? Which grid format is it ? Am I missing some library ? I tried to
use google but unfortunately "r" word is too small, and it ends to refer
always to the r.* commands in grass...

This is the content of the .grd file:

creator=R package 'raster'
created= 2013-12-14 15:44:30
nrows= 134
ncols= 143
xmin= 56000
ymin= 1613000
xmax= 1200000
ymax= 2685000
projection= NA
datatype= FLT8S
byteorder= little
nbands= 5
bandorder= BIL
minvalue= 0:0:0:0:0
maxvalue= 0.945:1:1:1:1
nodatavalue= -1.7e+308
layername= Value:Twin:Psum:pH:CN

Thank you,


Antonello Lobianco
AgroParisTech, Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière
14 Rue Girardet - 54000 Nancy, France
Tel: +33.383396865
Email: antonello.lobianco at nancy.inra.fr
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