[GRASS-user] ArcGIS raster file with associated .aux file

Chris Carleton w.ccarleton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 16:07:24 PST 2014

Hi List,

I'm having trouble importing a georeferenced raster file in .tif
format with an associated .aux (and .aux.xml if you'd prefer) in GRASS
(and QGIS, incidentally). The file was created with ArcGIS and I
assume the author was making the data more accessible by including
both .aux and .aux.xml files. However, while I can import the .tif
into GRASS successfully with the appropriate projection information,
the coordinates of the raster once imported appear to be
non-georeferenced. The coordinates should be m in UTM for an area that
covers ~16 km^2, but I'm only seeing a range of 0,0 to 25,25, which
looks like an unreferenced matrix to me. I've emailed the author of
the data, but I was hoping some other GRASS users could provide me
with a sanity check. It might be that the GCP data is in the .aux file
and I'm just not importing it all properly. The data is freely
available at http://core.tdar.org/geospatial/391366 for download. If
someone has time to download the data and import it into GRASS, I'd
very much appreciate it. If you are able to, do the UTM coordinates
make sense, meaning that I've done something wrong, or is there a
problem with the data? Thanks to anyone who has the time,


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