[GRASS-user] v.in.geonames not importing txt file in GRASS 7.0.0beta3 Windows

RichardCooper richtcooper at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 15 06:41:15 PDT 2014

For reference, my system:

(Wed Oct 15 20:24:41 2014) Command finished (1 sec)                             
System Info                                                                     
GRASS version: 7.0.0beta3                                                       
GRASS SVN Revision: 61541                                                       
Build Date: 2014-08-06                                                          
Build Platform: i686-pc-mingw32                                                 
GDAL/OGR: 1.11.0                                                                
PROJ.4: 4.8.0                                                                   
GEOS: 3.4.2                                                                     
SQLite: 3.7.17                                                                  
Python: 2.7.4                                                                   
Platform: Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 

I also tried with geonames CZ.txt, as follows:
v.in.geonames --overwrite input=C:\Users\rcooper\CZ.txt output=czgeonames       
Converting 21931 place names...
cat: =0: No such file or directory
cat: output=czgeonames: No such file or directory
cat: y=5: No such file or directory
cat: input=C:\Users\rcooper\grassdata7/chula_4326/asiapoptha
i/.tmp/unknown/1804.0: No such file or directory
cat: columns=geonameid integer,name varchar(200),asciiname
varchar(200),alternatename varchar(4000),latitude double
precision,longitude double precision,featureclass
varchar(1),featurecode varchar(10),countrycode
varchar(2),cc2 varchar(60),admin1code varchar(20),admin2code
varchar(20),admin3code varchar(20),admin4code
varchar(20),population integer,elevation varchar(5),gtopo30
integer,timezone varchar(50),modification date: File or path
name too long
 Creates a vector map from an ASCII points file or ASCII
vector file.
 vector, import, ASCII
 v.in.ascii [-zentbr] input=name output=name [format=string]
   [separator=character] [skip=value] [columns=string]
   [y=value] [z=value] [cat=value] [--overwrite] [--help]
  -z   Create 3D vector map
  -e   Create a new empty vector map and exit. Nothing is
read from input.
  -n   Don't expect a header when reading in standard format
  -t   Do not create table in points mode
  -b   Do not build topology in points mode
  -r   Only import points falling within current region
(points mode)
 --o   Allow output files to overwrite existing files
 --h   Print usage summary
 --v   Verbose module output
 --q   Quiet module output
      input   Name of input file to be imported
               '-' for standard input
     output   Name for output vector map
     format   Input file format
              options: point,standard
              default: point
               point: simple x,y[,z] list
               standard: GRASS vector ASCII format
  separator   Field separator
               Special characters: pipe, comma, space, tab,
              default: pipe
       skip   Number of header lines to skip at top of input
file (points mode)
              default: 0
    columns   Column definition in SQL style (points mode)
               For example: 'x double precision, y double
precision, cat int, name varchar(10)'
          x   Number of column used as x coordinate (points
               First column is 1
              default: 1
          y   Number of column used as y coordinate (points
               First column is 1
              default: 2
          z   Number of column used as z coordinate (points
               First column is 1. If 0, z coordinate is not
              default: 0
        cat   Number of column used as category (points
               First column is 1. If 0, unique category is
assigned to each row and written to new column 'cat'
              default: 0
ERROR: Required parameter <input> not set:
        (Name of input file to be imported)
ERROR: Required parameter <output> not set:
        (Name for output vector map)
ERROR: Vector map <czgeonames> not found
(Wed Oct 15 20:29:34 2014) Command finished (8 sec)                             

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