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Hi Vaclav,


I have loaded the point in GRASS. But the attributes are not loaded successfully. I am posting one sample data. Could you please help me finding what is wrong with the data. Or maybe I am going wrong with the loading process. 




    "type": "Point",

    "coordinates": [50.922759,-90.089954],
































Thanks in advance



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Hi Vaclav,


I have found the module and found GeoJSON in there. I will try to load the data and will definitely post you once get success. 




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here is a basic answer to start with.


On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 8:44 PM, Arighna <roy.arighna at gmail.com <mailto:roy.arighna at gmail.com> > wrote:

Hi everybody,


I want to load GeoJSON data in GRASS. I am totally unware of the process. Could anybody please help me to do that?


I never tried GeoJSON but with recent enough GRASS GIS and GDAL/OGR, you can use v.in.ogr module (module for import of vector data using OGR).

You can use

v.in.ogr -f


to list all available formats. For me it gives "GeoJSON (rw): GeoJSON".

Something like:

v.in.ogr dsn=/path/to/data/file.json output=grass_vector_map


should work. I don't know how it is with layers and features but you will see I guess.

Let us know if it work and if you have any problems.


Thanks & Regards

Arighna Roy

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