[GRASS-user] r.colors.stddev of a difference map

Veronica Andreo veroandreo at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 08:49:29 PDT 2014

Dear list,

I'm working at time with anomalies maps, so I set r.colors to differences
palette, but as my maps also have null values and they appear as white too,
I edited the differences file to "nv black"... everything fine till
there... as differences are quite small most of the times (I'm working with
chlorophyll concentrations in the ocean) it's difficult to see something...
so i used r.colors.stddev with -z flag

The problem arise when i use ps.map to generate my figures... somewhere in
the process "nv black" is over-ruled and my null values appear as white in
the .eps, which does not make sense... they are no-data and not zero
difference (if i use ps.map before using r.colors.stddev, nv looks black as
expected)... boh...

Could someone explain why? or know of a workaround??? I have hundreds of
maps to produce...

Thank you very much in advance!

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