[GRASS-user] multiple output maps of r.random.surface

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 09:32:07 PDT 2014


I'd like to generate multiple random surface with different spatial
autocorrelation. Of course I can do that with multiple runs of
r.random.surface (GRASS7) by setting different values for the distance
parameter for each run (this works fine). In the manual I read that if "If
multiple values are given [for the distance parameter?], each output map
will have multiple filters, one for each set of distance, exponent, and
weight values."  Indeed, I can provide multiple names for the desired
output maps, but if I want to use multiple values for the distance
parameter only the first is considered. Maybe I understood the manual wrong
and somebody can explain it.
Here an example (e.g. for the NC dataset):

r.random.surface --overwrite output=r1,r2,r3 distance=50000.0,2.0,2000.0
seed=999 high=20000

There are multiple different maps generated but the spatial dependence of
the maps seems the same.

Any ideas? Anyway, there is of course still the easy way of running
r.random.surface in loops.

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