[GRASS-user] v.to.db/v.what rast on large vector sets

patrick s. patrick_gis at gmx.net
Mon Aug 10 00:51:15 PDT 2015

Dear grass-users

First off all- sorry for "spamming" this user-list recently with 
questions. I don't know any grass-users that I could ask. So this list 
is the only feedback I can get for support and I am happy it works so 
well.  So my Thanks to all of you, for the recommendations given!

Now my issue:
I have a dataset with 30Mio Vectorpoints that need to get attributes 
added: the coordinates and the values of approx.60 rasters (resolution 
of 25m across Switzerland). While the processing of the raster-data was 
fast, this final join is very slow. Only adding x and y -coordinate is 
at 14% after 15h of processing; v.to.db currently still using 100%CPU. 
Is this expected behavior or an error of my system (Grass70 with SQLITE, 
Ubuntu 15.04)?


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