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Hi Anna tnks for your answer, so which EPSG code you suggest i use? UTM? and i have the location of each point on my attribute table as LAT and LONG, what happens with this information when it changes to a projected coordinate system?
Very tnks,Alec

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So... i have converted my shape file to this projection: http://spatialreference.org/ref/epsg/4618/ on Qgis, and have created
you should probably use a projected coordinate system, not geographic coordinate system. The distance you specify in the buffer is now in degrees, that's why it needs to be so small.
Anna  a new projection and mapset with this same epsg on Grass...But when i import the shape on grass the map scale is still crazy, it says 1:6, but my area is huge and i can see all my points. On Qgis my same file has a 1:1.183.641 scaleAnd this is a problem because when i try to make the buffers over my points i have to use a very small distance:g.run_command('v.buffer', input='PocosSad at Map3', output='boreholesGrassBuffer', type='point', distance='0.01')else my buffer covers the hole area.Anyone knows how i can fix this map scale? or why is this strange?my shape file is in attach,Very tnks 		 	   		  


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