[GRASS-user] NASA nightlights qn

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Wed Dec 23 10:42:54 PST 2015

* Vishal Mehta <vishalm1975 at gmail.com> [2015-12-23 09:03:06 -0800]:

> Dear GRASS users,
> If anyone has experience using the NASA nightlights datasets, I would
> appreciate a conversation. I am thinking of using it to track city level
> growth in spatial boundaries, demographics etc for Indian cities, but would
> like to discuss with anyone more experienced with the datasets first
> (resolution, saturation effects etc, inter-calibration).

I know at least two students who work with night-lights for ther
Master's Thesis.  I'll forward them this e-mail.

If it's worth anything, a related add-on:


Inter-calibration has been an important subject for the DMSP OLS
instruments.  Would be nice to learn more about newer developments, and,
if possible, expand the addon.

> I am first thinking of trying to use this to spatiotemporaly interpolate
> ward-scale population between (10 yr) interval census years. That is, if i
> have ward-scale (sub-city)population, can i use nightlights to interpolate
> ward-scale population growth for each year in-between the census years..
> I believe there is an incomplete add-on regarding calibration between
> datasets?

The add-on, given we mean the same one, is complete in the sense that the three
main models, integrated there-in, do what they intend to do.  Up until someone
identifies any errors :-).

Any kind of assistance would, then, be more than welcome.

Thanks, Nikos

> Also, could anyone sugest a color style in GRASS that would work well?
> Thanks, and a merry christmas and happy holidays!
> Vishal

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