[GRASS-user] Second Order rectification, display problems

Robert Comas robertcomasglez at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 03:59:13 PDT 2015


I'm using GRASS 7.0 to geo-rectify oblique images taken from a fixed
altitude and using RTK-GPS data as a GCP (as a vector file) for the
process. The survey area is very small and flat, so I'm not considering a
DEM for the process. I'm using the Georectifier tool from GRASS 7.0,
matching each RTK-GPS data point (EPSG:4258 - ETRS 89) with the
corresponding pixel of the picture (column/row). I need to apply the second
order rectification and when I do it, the result rectified raster is
displayed with just "a corner" of the image (so the image incomplete) to be
rectified and without the GCP overlapped. However, when I apply the 1st and
3rd order rectification process, it does appear the complete image
rectified and with the GCP overlapped in place.

Any clue about why I'm not able to geo-rectify properly using the 2nd order
rectification? Thanks

P.S.: Before the geo-rectifying process I did "group, target and
region(XY)" steps
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