[GRASS-user] i.atcorr for GeoEye-1 and Worldview-3

Kamhul Camhol monk_purple at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 2 21:56:37 PDT 2015

Hello. I'm quite new with GRASS but I need to atmospherically process high-resolution imagery with i.atcorr. I have three images Quickbird, GeoEye-1 and Worldview-3 imagery of a single scene across three time periods. For Quickbird, I have all the data needed but basing from the following manual GRASS GIS manual: i.atcorr  there appears to be novalues for two required inputs for GeoEye-1 and Worldview-3. These are geometrical conditions and band. May I know if GRASS has updated the i.atcorrmanual to include these sensors as well? Can I use the values ofWorldview-2 for Worldview-3? Or is there any other way to do theatmospheric correction for these two sensors? 
I would be very thankful if you be so kind to answer my queries. For now, my choice is limited to open-source software. 


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