[GRASS-user] Announcing new command line interface of `grass` program in trunk

Pietro peter.zamb at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 05:01:36 PDT 2015

Hi Vaclav,

first of all, thank you for your great work on this I really like it.

Do you think that would be possible to avoid to parse manually the
sys.argv and use the argparse library?
I know that the argparse is not present in python2.6, but people that
are still using this old version of the python interpreter can install
this library:

I think this change could help to further simplify the code and make
it easier to expand/extend in the future, splitting the command line
interface from the logic.

Then we could define a function that return the default GRASS parser
instance and the main function to apply the logic on what to do with
the parsed command line. What do you think?

All the best.


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