[GRASS-user] Derivation of Landsat 8 Tasseled Cap coefficients for certain scene in Grass

Kozlova Maria kclo at yandex.ru
Tue Jun 9 14:42:21 PDT 2015

Dear all,
Asking for help in sudden difficult situation:
I need to derive proper,  'personal', Tasseled Cap coefficients for some scenes of my study area. 
I know, such procedure can be done by Matlab, but unfortunately, my colleague who could do this have now some troubles and cannot help me at the moment.

I need to do this work but can use only Grass. So is it possible to derive my own TC coefficients for each scene using Grass? If so, which modules should I use?
Is it possible to do image Tasseled cap transformation with these new coeficients?
Am I right, that Grass module i.tasscap only provide TCT with use of standard TC coefficients (in the case of OLI images derived by M.H.A Baig et al, 2014)?

Would be appreciate for any information

Best regards,

Maria V. Kozlova

  Information System Lab. (ISysLab)
  State Oceanographic Institute,
  Kropotkinsky per., 6,
  MOSCOW, 119034,
  tel.    +7 499 246 6448
  fax.    +7 499 246 7288
  mailto:  kclo at yandex.ru 

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