[GRASS-user] Ussage of new i.* modules in Grass70

Huub Munstege hmunstege at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 11 01:01:44 PDT 2015

Dear GRASS community,

Hello, I am thrilled to find a number of promising modules under 'imagery' incorporated in the standard GRASS70 version. Specifically the  "evapotranspiration calculation" modules have our special interest. Weren't they before addons?However I have some troubles to go through the complete calculation. The explanations on the manual pages are very (too) basic. For example, I got stuck at the "sensible heat flux calculation" that demands the "aerodynamic resistance to the heat momentum". I supposed an average value that I found on the web and created with r.mapcalc a raster with that value. But finally I got a raster with only 0 values.
Would it be possible to create a Wiki for this evaporation module with some examples? Or could someone direct me where I can get detailed advice?
 Huub Munstege
Rép. du Mali

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