[GRASS-user] Create and analyse scatter plots against two rasters

Huub Munstege hmunstege at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 11 01:12:51 PDT 2015

Dear Grass community,
our objective is to monitor the soil moisture index (SMI) of small catchments in Mali and the impact of irrigation structures. 
We have taken note of the many articles on this subject and as it  looks now we can utilize the huge Landsat archive available on the web. 
With the Landsat bands and the GRASS modules we're able to produce rasters for the surface temperature and for the NDVI values. To determine th SMI value it's necessary to do a regression analyses (the so called 'wet edge' and 'dry edge' in a scatter plot between the two mentioned rasters. How can we achieve this? 

Thanks Huub Munstege
Rép. du Mali

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