[GRASS-user] GRASS Plugin ready

Radim Blazek radim.blazek at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 09:20:34 PST 2015

Another bug you should know about: http://hub.qgis.org/issues/13815 -
attributes of a vector imported in browser may be messed up. Fixed in
master and 2.12 branch (will be in 2.12.1).


On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 10:09 PM, Radim Blazek <radim.blazek at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to formally conclude the upgrade of the GRASS Plugin in
> QGIS. Everything specified in the crowdfunding campaign is implemented
> in recently released QGIS 2.12. The source code supports both GRASS 6
> and 7. Version(s) supported in binary distributions may vary and
> depend on packagers' decision.
> screenshots: http://www.gissula.eu/qgis-grass-plugin-crowdfunding/screenshots.html
> videos: http://www.gissula.eu/qgis-grass-plugin-crowdfunding/videos.html
> summary: http://www.gissula.eu/qgis-grass-plugin-crowdfunding/progress.html
> documentation: http://docs.qgis.org/testing/en/docs/user_manual/grass_integration/grass_integration.html
> Thanks to Pedro Venâncio, Stefan Blumentrath and Andrew McAninch who
> helped with upgrade of modules' configuration. Especially Pedro also
> did great work doing extensive testing. Thanks to Jürgen Fischer for
> patient fixing of Windows builds, Paolo Cavallini for documentation
> review and to everybody who contributed to the campaign.
> If you find a problem, please create a new issue:
> https://hub.qgis.org/issues/, set Category to GRASS and assign it to
> me (Radim Blazek). Unfortunately I have found  already two issues:
> https://hub.qgis.org/issues/13725,  https://hub.qgis.org/issues/13726,
> both are fixed in master and backported to 2.12 (will be in 2.12.1 if
> it'll ever be released).
> Radim

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