[GRASS-user] Flow direction to flow accumulation

wcd vydramail at quick.cz
Thu Nov 19 15:02:25 PST 2015

Hello all,
Does GRASS have a tool equivalent to what ArcGIS calls Flow Accumulation
Input is a flow direction raster and output is a cumulative catchment area
raster. As an optional argument you can specify a weight raster, which is
really important for what I am trying to do - count cells of woodland
upstream from each cell in the flow direction grid.

All GRASS tools I thought could do this require DTM as input, not flow
direction raster, and they also don't allow to specify the weight raster.
As far as I can see.

Do you know about any other OSGeo tools that could do this? Ideally Python
Best regards,
Filip Kral.
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