[GRASS-user] exporting map display

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Wed Sep 9 06:52:11 PDT 2015

Thanks you Anna,

unfortunately I understand d.to.rast cannot handle the content of the
gui default display frame, which is the only display that allows me to
tweak transparency.

My temporary fix was to :
-"set computational region from display extent" ;
-press the button "save display to graphic file", outputting my
composition in a source.png file ;
-then write down a short shell script in this flavor :

eval `g.region -g`
size=($(identify -format %w,%h source.png))
gdal_translate -gcp 0 0 $w $n -gcp ${size[0]} 0 $e $n -gcp ${size[0]}
${size[1]} $e $s source.png target.tif
gcps2wld.py target.tif>target.tfw

This method is certainly not much accurate but it provides me a fast
georeferenced snapshot of a map composition.


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