[GRASS-user] Import sqlite table using db.in.ogr

Johannes Radinger johannesradinger at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 03:35:24 PDT 2016


I am trying to import a sqlite table to my current mapset database
(sqlite). In a further step I want to join the imported table to an already
existing attribute table in my mapset-specific sqlite database.

However I get an error that when I want to import the table. Here an
example where I want to import the "streams" table from the PERMANENT
mapset of the NC location (GRASS7):

db_table=streams output=my_test
ERROR: Unable to open data source <streams>
ERROR: Input table <streams> not found or not readable

Here my setup:
GRASS version: 7.1.svn

GRASS SVN revision: 66919M

Build date: 2015-11-25

Build platform: i686-pc-linux-gnu

GDAL: 1.10.0

PROJ.4: 4.8.0

GEOS: 3.4.2

SQLite: 3.7.9

Python: 2.7.3


Platform: Linux-3.2.0-106-generic-pae-i686-with-Ubuntu-12.04-precise

Maybe I am missing something, or is that problem known and reproducible
also for others?
Is there another recommended way to import (an join) a database table from
an external sqlite database.

Best regards,
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