[GRASS-user] some questions on r.tile

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Thu Aug 11 02:21:57 PDT 2016

In the meantime you could try the following as a workaround:

Create a grid (v.mkgrid) for your tiles, 
then loop over the tiles and set the region to your tile plus / minus the overlap you like to have at the boundaries after checking that current boundary does not exceed north or south limits.

It seems that g.region does not wrap latitudinal boundaries in the north, while it does for longitudinal limits and rounds latitudinal boundaries in the south. 

Compare output from:
g.region -p n=90 s=-90 w=-180 e=180

g.region -p n=n+1 s=s-1 w=w-1 e=e+1

g.region -p n=n s=s-1 w=w-1 e=e+1

in a lat/lon location.


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