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Rengifo Ortega rengifoo at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 12 04:31:59 PST 2016

Dear communityrecently I update grass gis from 7.0.0 to New stable long term support (LTS) release 7.0.3  a on windows 7 enterprise machine. In the former version I had installed r.terraflow. searching for it in the http://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass-addons/grass7   I did not find it. Can  someone tell me if I am missing something here? I thought it was included in this release out of the box, if I understand prof.mitasova in this site TerraFlow.  I would like to get some  ideas how to install it in the version 7.0.3.
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Thanks in advancehave a nice weekend

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