[GRASS-user] 3d boreholes with v.extrude on different plane

Alec Ventura alecventura at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 28 14:43:46 PST 2016

Hello folks, I am trying, again, to draw some 3d boreholes, I was able to draw then but when I was analizing my results I notice that all my boreholes was all with the same z value, which is strange since I have different zshit and height values for each of my boreholes. So I guess i missundestood the zshit value. I need 3d boreholes that are draw from different levels (different Z coordinates) and of course with different sizes (heigths). Is there a way to do this? what I am missing here? I was back to Gene implementation: 
But then I realize that they boreholes are at same plane too, just don't appear to because of perspective.I appreciate any help.[]sAlec Ventura. 		 	   		  
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