[GRASS-user] Aggregation of massive number of raster layers with r.series

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Fri Apr 21 01:44:09 PDT 2017

Hi Pierre,

tiling should speed up significantly, if you process the tiles in parallel (and if you have multiple cores and if IO is not the bottleneck (e.g. slow network connection to the data)).
Care has to be taken with the region settings, though.

See e.g.:


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I am trying to compute the 95th percentile of a massive grid (12+
million pixels) for a massive number of layers (~2500 layers).

I am doing the aggregation using r.series on our cluster running grass
7.2, but of course it takes ages (21% there after 3 days).

- I tried to tile the process, but it doesn't seem to help much.

- Is there any benefit for me to switch to t.rast.aggregate? My
understanding was that it was a wrapper around r.series.

- Does anyone have a fancy trick to make the aggregation go faster


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