[GRASS-user] v.in.ogr creating unprojected location for projected SDTS DLG

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at 3DTOPO.com
Mon Jul 17 21:29:51 PDT 2017


I suppose this might be a GDAL issue, but several years ago when I imported SDTS DLG data in the UTM projection it properly created a projected location.

Now, running the same command(s) on the same data it creates a location that has no projection. I am importing the data with:

v.in.ogr -oe dsn=dlg/BD01CATD.DDF output=dlgBD location=43115g1_dlgBD

(with or without the -oe flag the results are the same)

Upon examining the   43115g1_dlgBD directory, I see that no PROJ_INFO or PROJ_UNITS file is created like it used to.

Examining the BD01XREF.DDF file, it states that the file is in UTM zone 11 projection (pertinent bits):


Any suggestions how to import the data into a new projected location? 

It seems odd that when I run:

ogrinfo -so /Volumes/lilBigy/projID/43115g1/DLG/BD/BD01CATD.DDF

It does not report any projection information:

 ERROR 4: SDTS Driver doesn't support update.
Had to open data source read-only.
INFO: Open of `/Volumes/lilBigy/projID/43115g1/DLG/BD/BD01CATD.DDF'
      using driver `OGR_SDTS' successful.
1: ABDF (None)
2: ACOI (None)
3: AHDR (None)
4: NP01 (Point)
5: NA01 (Point)
6: NO01 (Point)
7: LE01 (Line String)
8: PC01 (Polygon)


Jeshua Lacock

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