[GRASS-user] New CLI option --tmp-location in 7.5 to enhance --exec

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Thu Aug 16 03:39:09 PDT 2018

* Vaclav Petras <wenzeslaus at gmail.com> [2018-08-14 23:20:16 -0400]:


>If you are interested, please, test this new functionality. It is an
>opportunity to provide feedback before this feature lands in the 7.6
>Here are some things to try:
>* Execute a module in a location created based on EPSG:
>  grass --tmp-location EPSG:3358 --exec g.region -p
>* Execute Python script in a location created based on EPSG:
>  grass --tmp-location EPSG:3358 --exec script.py
>* Examine the created location using a Bash command:
>  grass --tmp-location EPSG:3358 --exec bash -c "g.proj -p && g.region -p
>&& g.mapset -p && g.gisenv GISDBASE,LOCATION_NAME sep=/"
>* Get SRS/CRS for a file:
>  grass --tmp-location ~/data/elevation.tiff --exec g.proj -p

Perhaps test if the file exists and, if not, exit with an informative error

In Python:

import os.path


Currently, if the file does not exist, the process hangs:

Cleaning up temporary files...
Starting GRASS GIS...

>* Get help text for a module:
>  grass --tmp-location XY --exec r.neighbors --help
>See the documentation and `grass --help` for more hints (and let me know
>how these can be enhanced).
>Best regards,

All works.
Fantastic work!

Kudos Radek and Vaclav,
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