[GRASS-user] multiprocessing in python

Leonardo Hardtke leohardtke at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 03:09:20 PST 2018

Dear all,
I am working on a module to extract the phenological parameters (like
timesat) from a time series implemented in python/cython and making use of
gscript and other grass stuff.
It works great on a 256x256 and as the plan is applying it over Australia
at 250m over 17 years, I need to split the process in small tiles. The idea
is to run this processes in parallel and I am having issues implementing

This would be the first part of the process that runs on each tile:

def tile_process(tile_index):
    Function for every worker:
    Applies any function to the sub_region corresponding to the tile_index.
    global Rows
    global Cols
    global RowBlockSize
    global ColBlockSize
    global full_region
    global dates
    global years
    global indices
    global data_serie
    global yr_limits_extra
    global yr_limits
    global dbif

    TileRow, TileCol, sr =
    # # Define a temporary region based on the parameters caluculated with
    start_row = TileRow * RowBlockSize
    start_col = TileCol * ColBlockSize
    n_rows = sr['rows']
    n_cols = sr['cols']

    strds = tgis.SpaceTimeRasterDataset(data_serie)
    maps = strds.get_registered_maps_as_objects(dbif=dbif)

    # Numer of time steps
    steps = len(maps)
    # Make an empty array
    EVI = np.empty([steps,n_rows,n_cols])
    # fill the array
    for step, map in enumerate(maps):
         image_name = map.get_name()+'@'+data_serie.split('@')[1]
         #print("reading: {}".format(image_name))
         EVI[step,:] =
    mean = EVI.mean()

and this is how I start the multiprocess pool.

    pool.map(tile_process, xrange(RowBlockN*ColBlockN))

and it gives me:

AssertionError: can only test a child process

of course if I do: tile_process(0) or tile_process(1) etc ,the right result
comes out.

Does any of you have experience with this? Any suggestion would be welcome!
Sorry for the messy code. Is still in early stage.

Dr. Leonardo A. Hardtke
C3 UTS, Scientific Officer
Email:leonardoandres.hardtke at uts.edu.au or leohardtke at gmail.com
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