[GRASS-user] LSMetrics - addon development

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Thu Feb 15 08:43:49 PST 2018

On 12/02/18 18:01, Bernardo Santos wrote:
> Dear Moritz,
> thanks for the answer and the examples.
> I'll try to put the functions and files in this format and test them 
> like that.
> I am not sure how to build these makefile files but I'll try to follow 
> the patterns I find in the other examples of modules.
> Once this is done, I'll post it here.
> Which GRASS version I should use to do that?

You should probably do it with trunk, but 7.4 is also ok as the two are 
not far from each other.

> Regarding the comparison with the other GRASS tools, LSMetrics is 
> complementary to many of the functions the r.li suite offers. I still 
> could not test r.pi since I had some trouble installing it, but I'll try 
> it againĀ  so that I can compare both packages. I believe they are also 
> somehow complementary in many of the functions.

Yes, r.pi installation is still an issue. Currently it does not seem 
configured in a way to be usable by g.extension.

Assuming you are on a *nix like system, the easiest is to download the 
entire r.pi directory from SVN 
unzip it somewhere on your system, cd to the r.pi directory and then 
compile it with

make MODULE_TOPDIR=~/SRC/GRASS/grass_trunk/

where you replace ~/SRC/GRASS/grass_trunk

with the path to your GRASS source code (again 7.4 is ok, and 7.2 
probably also).


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